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Setlist ideas
(03-25-2013, 10:45 AM)JCrow Wrote: Hi,

I have another idea for setlists:
Each week I create a setlist of songs, and then email it to the other people who will be playing with me.
It would be nice if I could copy the titles of the songs in the set list as plain text for pasting straight into the email. Another alternative would be to use the android share function for sharing the setlist.


That's a great idea. I too am the "set list master" in our church choir, where there are several other tablet users (currently only one other MobileSheets user, but that count will increase by one soon Smile ) For set list emailing, be sure to add both the song title and author - for church music, there are a significant number of songs with the same titles but different artists. In fact, the "custom" field would be nice too, since I sometimes use that to indicate an alternate arrangement. (Of course if you want to go whole hog, you can allow all of the fields, or maybe even have a configuration option where you pick which fields to include)

Regarding the "share setlist" function: I recall that Mike had previously mentioned a feature that would allow two users to "bump" their tablets and exchange songs or setlists via Bluetooth. He might have mentioned that since the iPad app forScore already does this, that he might be able to make Mobilesheets compatible with it, so that we could exchange songs with our iPad brethren Smile That would be great for me since we have one iPad user in our choir (surprisingly, the Android population is growing, but there's still just the one iPad user). Anyway, I digress... this sort of sharing would need to be use Bluetooth for my use case, since there is no wifi available where we practice, and most of us don't have 3G/4G, but we all have Bluetooth. However, in cases where wifi is available, it would be nice to be able to use that instead. This ability to share/exchange music would also be handy when bringing a new tablet user into the fold, since it could have a "sync all music" mode to push an entire library into a user's tablet. (I mentioned earlier that we are getting another tablet convert in our choir - a Nexus 10 - and I'll have to go through a relatively painful backup/restore process to get our library into his tablet - alas, no SD card on that tablet, so it will have to be via tether or Dropbox)

Okay, I am done making feature requests. Let us know if any of these niceties are in your "near future" upgrade plans.

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