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Last song in setlist, display not quite right
The last song in a setlist is not aligned at the top, means a small part of the bottom of second last song is visible above the top of the last song. The bottom part of the last song is not visible, and I can't even scroll to see it. Portrait mode. Setting: vertical scrolling.
I can't reproduce this. Can you please export the setlist to a .msf file and send it to me at mike@zubersoft.com?

Hi Mike,

should have added that this happens when the last song in the setlist is a one pager, songs with more than one page are fine.


please try to open the last song - of attached setlist - by a page turn tap from the third song, portrait mode.
My issue: The song is not shown from the very top, a portion of the third song is shown instead.
This entails that the bottom of the last song is hidden and can't be accessed unless I zoom out below 100%.
It seems to happen with all last songs in setlists, but only when that song is one page.

In one setlist, even HALF of the previous song is shown in the top half, unexpectedly, as I tapped to get to the next song, no manual scrolldown, of course.
Not good when on stage...
Can't reproduce this in a small export test setlist unfortunately.


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.zip   ms_files-01_12_2016.zip (Size: 163.39 KB / Downloads: 3)
I understand what you mean now, but it's actually acting as designed. A setlist combines all of the songs into one continuous piece. On the last page, I don't allow the sheet music to be scrolled past the bottom of the tablet because there is no content past that point. I'm a little confused why this is a major problem though as you can still see all of the current song that you are playing. If you are unable to access content that is supposed to be displayed, that is something entirely different (if so, I was not able to reproduce this).

If you want to have a vertical scrolling list where each song is loaded independently, you can actually achieve this by checking the Settings->Library Settings->Automatically Load Next Song option and unchecking "Always Load Whole Setlist". Now you can tap the song you want to load from the setlist, advance through it, and when you advance past the end of the song, it will load the next piece.

If you believe that you should be able to scroll the last page to the top of the screen, I can consider making that change, but I don't believe that's how any other viewer would handle the last page of a multi-page document (which is essentially what the setlist becomes). I would certainly want to hear feedback from a number of users to ensure that's the behavior people would prefer.

I think it is the most logical if MS doesn't allow to scroll past the end of the set list .
Also I think it should show as much as it can of the last pages from the bottom of the last page up.
But not if the last song in the setlist is only one page (or half page). This should be shown only from the start of the page.
So we have one vote for me changing the vertical scrolling logic to allow the last song to be scrolled up to the top of the page, but only if it's a single page song. Hopefully more people will chime in. I'm not terribly excited about the prospect of changing the logic to handle this as it means that all of my code for processing scrolling as well as the layout code has to handle that one conditional case that doesn't apply in many other situations.
Nah, you asked for opinions and I think what I wrote is more logically and neater from a user perspective (mine). But it's just cosmetic and if it's so much effort I'd rather have you fixing or adding other things.
I respect and appreciate your opinion, so thanks for sharing it Smile

There's just a lot to work on, so I want to make sure things like this are important to a significant number of users before tackling them over other issues.

I think there is a misunderstanding. 
If the last song in a setlist is made of one page only, that song is not aligned to the top, unlike all the other songs in the setlist. 
And because the last song doesn't use the space at the top it lacks that space at the bottom, means I can't see the last lines of the song, can't even scroll down to make the lines appear. 
This occurs (only) when the display setting "Always show the title bar" is activated. 
I really prefer that setting and wouldn't want to give it up "just" to avoid the described phenomena. 
I'm not inclined to go "past the bottom of the tablet" but I do want to see (and play) the last bit of the last song obviously. 

Possibly related with this: in some setlists, somewhere in the middle, not at the end of the setlist, the next song is shown from the middle of the tablet while the previous song fills the upper half of the tablet. (I then scroll down manually, to see the second half of the first page).
This happens indepently of the display setting "Always show the title bar" but seems to have something to do with "2 pages song following a 1 page song". 

In all cases am I doing a one finger tap in the right part of the screen (to advance to the next song). And everything in portrait mode, needless to say.

The attached setlist should demonstrate what I mean in regards to the "last song phenomena", the last line of the song 1234 is not displayed fully. As mentioned, the title bar is shown, as per display settings.
PS: Samsung P900, in case hardware may have something to do with it.

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.zip   ms_files-01_31_2016.zip (Size: 70.44 KB / Downloads: 2)
PPS: 《If you want to have a vertical scrolling list where each song is loaded independently, you can actually achieve this by checking the Settings->Library Settings->Automatically Load Next Song option and unchecking "Always Load Whole Setlist". Now you can tap the song you want to load from the setlist, advance through it, and when you advance past the end of the song, it will load the next piece.

I tried that but it doesn't make any difference... still the described issue. It must be the display setting of the title bar.
Ben, thanks for clarifying the issue. There are a number of errors in the vertical adapter caused by the title bar being displayed. I've gone through and fixed all the issues that I've found, so you won't encounter this error anymore after the next update.

You're the man, Mike! Thanks so much!
I set my display differently for the various groups I play in. When I play piano/bass for church, I prefer to use a single page view and use my pedal to turn pages. When I play horn in the brass band, I prefer vertical scrolling without the pedal because sometimes there are tricky passages that I like to read ahead that bridge a page turn, and I generally have adequate amounts of rest to position the pages where I can see everything I need.

With that in mind, I also sometimes encounter problems with the very end of a page in scrolling mode. Sometimes I'll access the titlebar or navbar (either intentionally or accidentally) and it will cover the bottom of the last line of music, and the only way for it to go away is to wait for it to fade out. Ideally, I'd like to see an option to add a bit of blank space at the end of the setlist/song to allow you to scroll beyond that hard stop at the end. With the 16:9 screen ratio being as tall and narrow as it is, the last page of music includes about 1/3 of the previous page on the screen...so there is a lot of extra distance you could cover to get that full page moved all the way up.
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I personally think it would be odd to be able to scroll the end of the song up the page so that bottom isn't aligned with the bottom of the screen. This would also probably create a number of issues with things like automatic scrolling where I need to determine when I've reached the end of the song. I'm sure I could make it work, I'm just not sure it's the right behavior as most readers don't behave that way. If a lot of users preferred this behavior, I could certainly look into changing it.

As for the bottom of the score being obscured by the overlay when in the vertical scrolling mode, that is indeed a potential problem. I intentionally allowed this to occur because I didn't want the overlay to shift the score at all when using that mode, but I'll probably have to change it.

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