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Metronome memory bank
Sorry didn't check if this issue has already been addressed :

When using the metronome if you press on the "add" = + button, which is supposed to memorize the settings.
What happens is the setting is memorized :
the older settings are all set to "10".

So little by little you have a long list of metronome = 10 BPM and nothing has been memorized except the newest setting... Huh
If you tap on the add button, a dropdown will be displayed for selecting between the different tempos you've added. The new tempo will be added as 10 at the end of the list, as that is the default value. You can then switch to this tempo and change it. Are you expecting it do to something other than add a new tempo setting to the list, or is it confusing because it isn't selecting the new tempo?
I've modified the code to select the new tempo after it is added, so hopefully that will be less confusing.
Picture is worth a thousand words.
Needless to say each entry was a different tempo, different time signature.
They all become a long list of "10"s and yes they all play only 10 BPMs...
OK got it!
But why when you add 119 does this now appear as 10?
Then you have to select 10 and change it to the correct tempo and time signature.

It works it is just veeeery weird Confused
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by adding 1999.... When I add a new tempo, it just shows up as 10 in the list, and when I select it, it also displays 10. The only piece that is missing is automatically selecting that new tempo from the dropdown so you don't manually have to do it.
1999 was typo as you can see I fixed it.
So to be clearer.
I set the tempo to 119 and select 3/4 time.
I then click the "+" button.
Now I have a new "10" added to my dropdown menu.
If selected in the dropdown menu it is indeed -
10 BPM and not the time signature either.
The only way to make it 119 is to select it (the 10 lowest on the list) and then edit it.

I'm just trying to say it would be simpler when you click on "+" it automatically adds the new tempo and time signature.
Don't you think so?
Well, I think there is some confusion there. If you modify the metronome tempo, that change is immediately applied. If you select 119, then tap add, if I added those same settings again, you would then have two metronome settings both set to 119. So then the question becomes, if it worked that way, do I select the new one that's been added, or leave the current selection so that you can continue to make further modifications? The workflow I was intending on supporting was:

1) You set up the first metronome tempo you want.
2) You tap the add button to set up the second metronome tempo (selecting those new settings is the part I'm changing)
3) With the new settings selected, you change the tempo to what you want.

You then repeat steps #2 and #3 for additional metronome tempos you want to store. I currently do not store different metronome settings such as the time signature. That was not the intention of the add button - it was only meant to store multiple tempos. If supporting multiple time signatures is required, I'll have to make a number of modifications because I don't have the database set up for that (or the UI). I can see the reason for wanting that though - if the song switches the time signature part way through, you'd want the metronome to do the same. I'll have to write up a feature request for this.

Thanks for all the explanations.

I've been using Tempo (Frozen Ape) for years. 
It allows you to save as a setlist - therefore similar to what is happening in Mobilesheets.
When you save it is just one click and it also saves the time signature.
[Image: ow9fZknibpPMSvI4cVEXAMehRaqt7F0Pjx4U_Yu5...-XErw=h310]
If you're interested here's a video :

Therefore I have countless setlists of all the programs I perform and therefore even years later easy to "get back into the groove".

Of course I can and have been using with my tablet for years.
But I recently started using the built in metronome app in Mobilesheets that's why all the questions pouring out.
It just would be nice that the metronome app inside Mobilesheets were as easy to use, and certainly the aspect that the time signature is not memorized will be crucial for me to decide to go over completly or not.
If you think how convenient it would be that your application does all a musician would need to practice that would - I believe - be a great advantage.
Don't you agree?

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