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Alternative way of formatting ChordPro
The PDF document that I attached to the previous posting is produced by playtab, a utility that I wrote many years ago.
See http://johan.vromans.org/software/sw_playtab.html (although my current version is a bit more ahead).

It would be very nice if MSPro were capable of using this native format to display charts, but that's simply too much to ask from Mike. Maybe in some future, when MSPro would support add-on modules I could write a formatter myself.

So the current alternative is to look for a way to enhance ChordPro with charts (we call them grids, since 'chord chart' is already very over-used). The attached document shows how this could look like. Since the implementation impact of this approach on MSPro is relatively minor, Mike has agreed to seriously consider this.

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.cho   grid2.cho (Size: 729 bytes / Downloads: 8)
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