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Delete all songs in a Collection - not just their references to the Collection
(09-30-2016, 04:17 PM)Zuberman Wrote: Are you suggesting that I move the "Add All" button into a floating toolbar on that screen as well?  I don't think a move/add button is necessary as just touching a song or dragging & dropping accomplishes that.  There also isn't a reason to long press/select all like there is on the main library screen, so I wonder if that would just be more confusing.  I'm not sure if requiring two actions (select all and then add) really buys much, and I don't know how frequently people use the add all button. The other thing to consider is how much more screen space is used by the floating toolbar over a simple button.

No, I'm suggesting that having those 2 little left arrows to add all songs to a Collection is inconsistent with the use of the floating toolbar used on other screens. Its not a big deal. The floating toolbar would just be consistent across Tabs - at the expense of a few pixels.

I have no idea how many people use your wonderful program like I do. But as a professional player doing a lot of casual gigs, I will use the "Add All" frequently to update collections. 

I find your program much more useful than iGigBook (IOS). An interesting discovery as many of my fellow musicians brought an iPad just to use iGigBook. (I have and have used, an Android, an iPad and a PC tablet for charts).

As much as I like your program, the documentation while good from explaining what the options are, could be improved towards explaining how to use the program.  As a start, an index of key words would be a good idea - links to take you to the page. 

I admit to being a naive user, but I have a wealth of experience with databases and software on multiple platforms.  Still, it took me several hours, and several miss tries, to figure out how to import the PDF books and create collections the way I need them. 

I made a tutorial for myself on how to import a Book of charts. Thanks to advice from "itsme" a tutorial on how to delete songs in a collection from the database.

I've attached the tutorials in Word format. You can do what you like with them - Correct - Edit - Post - or throw in the garbage. 

I found what I believe to be a BUG in the program - look at the first tutorial to see how I got there.

Thanks again for the program and your quick response(s)  to my question.

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