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1.8.1 crashes
On my phone it does not start. Just empty grey screen and then android desktop
On tablet, it starts but dissapears from the screen after displaying a score (any score it seems) for a second or so

Both devices on android 4.4
HP Slate 21-Android 4.4.2, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, Onda Air 10" (backup tablet) Android 4 / Windows 10
Yamaha Genos, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR S770

Crashing here too -  I just updated Mobilesheets Pro  It starts to open MobilesheetsPro, says "upgrading database", then exits back to home screen -  Samsung 12.2 tablet, Model No. SM-T900, Android version 5.1.1
I pushed out immediate fixes when I saw problems reported. You will have to update again, but then the problems should go away. There was a bug that caused the app to crash on phones or smaller tablets, and a crash when loading PDFs. I didn't catch the PDF one because it only showed up in the final build (which is obfuscated to prevent piracy). Sorry about that!

When will update be available? - I just checked, there is nothing new since I just updated about 20 minutes ago. This is the update that started the problem for me.
It should be available in the next 10-15 minutes I think. It depends when Google rolls it out to users. The update uses the same version number as very few users have downloaded the update and I didn't want to cause headaches with the release notes.
Got the update - still crashing after update
Sorry, this release was a bit of a mess. I've actually pushed up multiple separate bug fixes - one for the first issue with phones, another for the issue with PDFs (which includes the problem with upgrading the database, which is an issue with the device running out of memory). You should see another update available shortly.
Mine worked ok both the first and redone downloads. The improvement in speed is really noticeable.
Asus TF700T, os = CROMi-kk_R1 KitKat-4.4.4r2-CM11-US DEODEX, Based on Android 4.4.4
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Nook HD+ OEM
I believe all of the problems were ironed out earlier with the last update. I'm glad to hear about the speed improvement. For users with a lot of freeform annotations, the optimizations should have a pretty big impact.
I'm sorry to sound different Sad

On my phone ChordPro songs yield black screens (actually, the previous content but initally that is black).
Also, MSPro is terribly slow now. When e.g. I hit 'back', the slide animation stops two three times before it completes.

I have a gig today, so I won't upgrade my production tablet until tomorrow.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N8010) 10.1", Android 7.1.2 (LineageOS), AirTurn Duo & Digit.
Asus Zenpad (Z300M) 10.1", Android 7.0 (backup).
Samsung A3 (A320FL), Android 8.0 (emergency).

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