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Paths for MSP folder for Android and W10
This is maybe a stupid question so I'm not requesting but only asking:

Is it possible to include the path to the MSP folder (managing my own files) to either the Android and the W10 path/folder in the database?
Like so you have a secondary entry for the path on the respective entry in the options after the main folder location on the device.

Mike, I know you're working on future syncing features anyway.

For the time being I'd like to "sync" my database between the devices by copying the *.db files and I'm asking myself if including "the other path" already in the database might spare me/us the editing of the file paths with a sql editor or Sciiurius' tools or the find missing files feature when one copies the database from one device to another with different OS.

Probably much more complicated than I'm thinking with many problems more I can't even imagine. But maybe not, so I'm asking if this might be some feature for your customers who bought MSP for Android as well as for W10 and like to keep them in sync.
One of the changes I want to make is to make all file paths relative to the storage location (unless files are not being managed by MobileSheetsPro, in which case the full path must be saved). Once I do this, in theory you could easily copy your database between versions, because the storage location isn't stored in the database, and all of the files would be relative to whatever location you've picked on each OS. Until this is done, just storing the storage location in the database isn't enough, because the full path to every file is still stored in the database and has to be updated (which is what happens when you restore a backup file). The real hope is that the upcoming sync features will make it easy enough for people to sync up changes that they won't need to mess with copying things between devices.


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