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Multi-page parts
I'm loving this thing - it's an answer to all my prayers. As I dig deeper into it, I find little bits that I wonder about and this is one of them.

If I have "Always show title bar" option enabled, I can see how many pages there are (1/x). If it isn't enabled, there is no indication of any additional pages.

When I am in a multi-page file, the 'blue line' only flashes briefly as I change to another page. Surely, this line would be better if it was permanently displayed, thus indicating there were more pages to be seen? Then it wouldn't matter if the title bar option was selected or not.

Another thing: I have a large number of charts that I have separated out, using the 'custom' field. If I display all my charts and then do a sort on that custom field, I see all the charts concerned. If I then select one and then hit the 'back' button, I see all the charts, not just those I selected. I realise I can achieve what I want with the 'collections' feature, but I was reserving that for something else.

Neither of these are a big deal and we all want this software to address our own specific wants - and it can't be all things to all men.

Lastly - and this is not any sort of critique - I'm curious to know just how many charts I can put on this software, before it starts to get sluggish? At the moment, I have loaded a little under 1,000 PDF's and it still finds anything a damn sight quicker than anyone else can find a bit of paper. I would think my final count is going to be around the 2,500 mark - is this going to slow it down by a big margin and if so, what would be gained by converting to image files?

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