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Multi-page parts

The point of the blue lines was to show some kind of transition between pages. In v5.0.0, there will be multiple animation options, such as a page slide, flip, or the current instant way. It would definitely be good to think about a nice way of having an indicator that there are more pages. I will think on this some. I also think maybe having an option for a minimalistic title bar that is mostly transparent might be a good thing. Then it could be left up without drawing attention. Thoughts?

The resetting of the search field was something that was requested. It's always a balance between convenience (the search fields resetting appropriately when you change categories or load a song), versus having them appropriately set when you are just returning to your last section.

You should be able to put any number of charts on the software without much slowdown. The database ensures that I can handle huge amounts of data without much impact. Obviously scrolling through huge lists on the library screen might be slower. One of these days I'll try putting like 10000 songs on my tablet and see how it goes... I don't think there is any reason to go to image files unless you are having slowdown while loading/viewing songs. The number of files you have on the device has no impact on this.


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