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Multi-page parts
Hi Mike, thanks for the prompt reply.

I'm not sure that I follow the 'blue line' thing. When you change a page, the line only flashes briefly - I think I'm more likely to notice the part has changed, than the line flashing Smile - and I really wonder what use it is? My idea was simply to have the line present if there was another page to follow (or go back to, of course) that way the title bar becomes obsolete for most of the time. A transparent title bar is another good approach to a solution.

Quite honestly, it doesn't make much difference to me - a 13" tablet has enough real estate to keep the title bar on permanently, but I can see how this could be a disadvantage for most users who are probably using 10" or less screens.

For me, the search field resetting is a bit of a nuisance, but no more than that and I can live with it if necessary. I can see the current mode might well suit other users. Perhaps there could be an option to choose?

Actually, to avoid this, I tried using the 'collection' feature today, but I wasn't happy about it at all. It's most likely finger problems at this end and I need to play around some, before making any comments.

I'm up to some 1,500 charts now - including a number of multi-page ones. I have noticed that it is now taking longer for the tablet and the computer to talk to one another - there's obviously a fair amount of data flying back and forth. When I built a 'collection' of some 250 charts, it took an age to rebuild the database, etc. Likewise a backup to the computer was also pretty slow.

That said, once all the stuff is in there, searching for any one of them is pretty quick and still beats paper-based systems by a mile - not to mention the space and weight savings! Since getting stuff into the database is a job that's done at home, without any pressure, I can live with any slow down. I'll just pour myself another whisky and contemplate my navel for a while.

All-in-all, you have produced a great bit of software, which is perfectly usable as it stands. I'm really a very happy chappie.

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