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Planning how to sort huge collection
Hi Wynton

Quote:The spreadsheet is imperfect and needed a lot of updating anyway.  But I am not looking forward to inputting all of this information on each individual song, through the "edit song" tool.  I am wondering whether there are any short-cuts.

Instead of writing a lot here I advise you to search the forum for csv import. Since you have already a spreadsheet with a lot of information you will appreciate that you can use this to import it into MSP. Feel free to ask, if you don't get along with the many posts we already have here.

Quote:can I select all of the library at once and add "jazz" to the genre? I would then need to correct about 10% of the tunes, but that would still be a time-save


Quote:Second, since some of the tunes are basically copies (but worth having because of variations in key and arrangement), is there any way of copying all of the editing tags on one song and then applying them to another song?

No. (At least not yet. Mike is always adding new features).

Quote:one more question just occurred to me: would any of this likely be faster if I use the companion app to make changes on my computer, as opposed to on my tablet (Microsoft Surface)?

Depends. I have a Surface, too, and like it's keyboard flap and its handling. But I prefer a desktop with a normal keyboard for my typing. I don't use the companion and did almost all of my editing or rather importing with the aforementiong csv method. And I'm certainly quicker and more comfortable with spreadsheets on a desktop than a tablet (though I didn't have the Surface yet when I did most of my importing. 

Maybe I will work in MSP directly on my W10 desktop when the library sync (currently in beta) is finished and I can transfer my editing to my other devices. Personally I think if you have MSP on a W10 desktop you don't have much use for the companion anymore (well for connecting and transferring to Android tablets, but with the upcoming sync feature less of that as well, I think).

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