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MobileSheetsPro for E-Ink Devices now available
(07-21-2021, 07:14 PM)hari Wrote: Did anyone test the E-Ink version on a Boox Poke 3 or any other Anroid based 6" e-reader? I'm mostly interested in showing Musescore part extracts for a single instrument, where 6" would be plenty.

I'm using the E-Ink version on a Tolino Vision5. And it is working nearly perfect.
I have just one problem: I have no "hardware" back button on this device, so there I have a problem in the settings menu, that there is no software button and I didn't came out of the menu. Does anyone have a Tip for me, to do that?
In the settings menu, there is a close button that should show up at the bottom. Does this not show up for you? Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing on the settings screen?

In the settings-overview there is a close button at the bottom and a back arrow at the top.

In the submenu there is none of both:

I hope, the pictures will help to show the problem
If you scroll to the top of the sub-section, does a back arrow appear at the very top of the list? On most tablets, MobileSheetsPro will use a split-screen approach to handling the settings screen. Some devices force the mode you are currently seeing though where the full screen is always used. If you don't see a back button (an arrow icon) at the top of the list, let me know and I'll see what I can do to address that.

Hi Mike,
I double checked it but there is no back arrow in the sub section.
Ist would be really nice to see a fix for that.


edit: if you have a Test Version I can Check, just contact me. My second device is a Boox Max2 where I could check the menu on bigger screens.
(07-23-2021, 07:32 PM)kabakakao Wrote: I'm using the E-Ink version on a Tolino Vision5. And it is working nearly perfect.

Thanks for your feedback. I've then grabbed a Boox Poke 3, and the eink pro version runs great.
Hey all, just wanted to say thanks to Zubersoft for creating and maintaining this great software. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a Boox Max Lumi after running mobilesheets pro on a 10" tablet for a few years. Can't wait for 13" size music!
Thank you Jolter! I appreciate that. I hope the Lumi works well for you!

New on this forum... 
I already used for years Mobile Sheets Pro on my Archos tablet. 
Now I switch to the e-ink version on a ONYX BOOX lumi 13"
And I am glad to say that I am very happy with it, anotating is realy easy and fast (much beter than on my previous tablet, also because of the pencil wich is delivered with the e-reader) 
Thanks Mike for al support.
I'm a long time user on an old Samsung tablet.  Thank you so much for such a great product!

I'm considering getting an Onyx MAX3 or MAX Lumi.  I mostly play big band music, usually using vertical scrolling mode without a pedal.  Given the persistence of the E-Ink, does vertical scrolling work acceptably?  Any advice?


Hopefully some others with the BOOX Max 3 or Lumi can comment here, but in general, I think BOOX has done a fairly good job with preventing ghosting and other artifacts with their line of e-ink tablets, and while the vertical scrolling is not particularly smooth (the screen updates/refreshes every second or so), it works just fine if you aren't trying to utilize automatic scrolling with a constant slow scroll. I would recommend instead using scroll options like scrolling 30-50% of the page at a time and making the scroll speed instant.  With the next update, I'm adding an option to scroll half of a page at a time with the vertical scrolling mode, so this allows users without a pedal to operate this way.

I am seriously considering purchasing an e-ink device with front light to replace my 2016 Samsung Galaxy Tab A for running MobileSheets Pro. I sing in choir, so Portrait view is more important than Landscape. 

Question: Does anyone that has made the switch to an E-Ink device running MobileSheets Pro miss the color palette available in the tablet version? I have found that I make quite good use of a red pen, a blue pen, a yellow highlighter and a pink highlighter etc.

Thanks in advance.

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