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Song display settings get synced even when they shouldn't
I basically have this problem since forever: I uncheck the "Sync Song display settings" checkbox (which gets checked again everytime you enter the Sync Library screen, btw), yet song display settings will be synced. There is absolutely no way to not sync the song display settings that I can figure out. I noticed this problem in relation to ChordPro files.
The song display settings refer to the page scaling and display mode settings. It does not refer to text display settings for text/chord pro files (all of these settings need better names to differentiate them but I can't think of what to change them to...). I don't have an option to not merge those at the moment. That would need to be a separate setting. I can look into that checkbox not being correctly set each time though.

Why not use the way you just explained?  Use 'Page scaling/Mode settings' in the Sync option and leave the other as is.   Wink
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That explains things. I had my suspicions I should have taken a peek at the manual to confirm. Wink

For me this is rather impractical. I sync to a multitude of devices with different kinds of displays. For this reason I have to do additional manual reconfiguration on client devices after a sync. I manage by synchronizing to one device of a kind, then using the client device as a server and syncing to other devices of its kind. This way I only have to manually re-configure the text display settings once per kind of device. Also, I rely on the defaults. After sync I reset the text display settings to defaults and apply the changes to all the files in the library. For this reason all files need to have the same text display settings, though, which is limiting.
This should be less of a hassle.
I understand - I'll have to add a separate setting to control whether text display settings are merged.

Sounds good! ^^

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