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Bluetooth Pedals
Yes Billpro also makes some noise, but for my music its not a big deal (rock or jazz). It also is more likely to jump pages, but the Cicada drop outs were the worst (and when I wasn't unable to get the Airturn working so I sent it back).

I think the new Cicada has a USB (micro USB?) option.
Thanks for your replies!
so I'm waiting for my airturn module.
My tablet (point of view) supplies an usb-adapter. I will test the bili pro with it as well.
(bili pro is called footime in Germany)
I will see and report.
Meanwhile I'm scanning, editing my music, optimize filing.
Oh, and not to fall in oblivion because of all this research.....:play piano.
(06-17-2012, 02:29 AM)mlsa Wrote: I purchased the pedals that work with USB cable instead of
Bluetooth. They seem to work well. I'm still trying to get used to them.

They were cheaper than the others plus I figured they might work better than trying to connect to Bluetooth.

I'm using them on an Acer Iconia A500 tablet. They also work with MS Word.

Here's the link if anyone is interested in reading about them.



Is it in MobileSheets possible to navigate thrue link-points with a USB pedal. I can't find any settings?
(01-23-2014, 07:06 AM)dukequincy Wrote: Is it in MobileSheets possible to navigate thrue link-points with a USB pedal. I can't find any settings?

Yes, it can be done. Can't remember the actual settings (tablet no with me at the moment) but it was set up n the options menu.

Actually, thinking about it, I don't think there was a special setting. If you put the links in, it works automatically. However, I will have to check I'm right about this, as I only have a few charts with links and my memory could be wrong.

1: Samsung 12.2" SM-P900: Android 5.0.2 
2: eSTAR GRAND HD Quad-Core 4G 10.2": Android 5.1 
3: Home-built BT pedal

Some of my music here
If you go into the bluetooth settings under the options, you can pick from several pedal modes for activating link points. If you need descriptions of the different pedal modes, you can find it in the manual, or I can try to copy it here.

Bili Pro is very nice - plug and play.Quite solid on the floor. With a little cream on the plastic it stopped noises.
-the risk to turn more than one page
- the connection to my tablet is not convincing. The plug goes only half way inside. And you have always to put it in and out to switch on and out, so I'm worried about the connection.
- the lights, not so suitable on a classical stage.
-didn't find how to use writing on the keyboard without unplugging bili pro. (But didn't try any longer to find a solution)

I had my problems first, but I solved them.
At first I didn't know that you can buy only the module and do not need to buy the three-part thing with pedals.
If it is not connecting one has to unpair first.
Once it didn't work because I had changed the mode undeliberately to iPad mode.
The manual says what to do, but I had to read it quite often to understand or find the solution.

To turn forward I bought a very heavy sustain pedal with a resistance at the beginning movement. (It was the cheaper one for 25 €) I fixed a little felt to stop the noise of the beginning action.

For turning backwards I use my very old keyboard pedal something, very flat and small and "not in the way".

I bought a cheap black mat, which you can cut and normally put underneath carpets not to slip.
So my pedals are fixed where I need them. The position is different if grand piano or accoustic piano - which goes to the ground. Beneath a piano I put the forward-pedal at right angle.
So now I rest my left foot on the piano's left pedal and with a little turn to the left I can easily reach the pedal for turning pages.
All the cables and the airturn I put in a black carton. Also, for security reasons,if the airturn needed charging unexpectedly, I put my special battery there which I normally take with me for my laptop "on the road".
ALDI just sold jackets for tablets for 6 or 7 €. Jacket with tablet, black box, and the two pedals go into a special gig-bag and I'm ready to go and play...

I am really happy only to need to pick up my bag, 1000 songs on board at the moment, each one findable by alphabet - it's fantastic.

Your happy MelBonis

I hope my English is clear enough. I might not always have chosen the correct English words or grammar.
(01-24-2013, 09:37 AM)Zuberman Wrote: What commands does that pedal send? MobileSheets only supports left arrow/right arrow, up arrow/down arrow, and page up/page down commands at this time. I will be adding options to support other keys later.

It seems that the page up/page down and the up/down arrows only tell my tablet to move to the next page, not scroll the displayed page. Am I doing it wrong, or do these commands all go to the next page or previous page?
You need to change your bluetooth pedal mode if you want to change what action occurs with pedal presses. You can find this under the MobileSheets Options->Pedal Settings->Bluetooth Pedal Mode.

All I see are a set of two choices. Is there a way to incorporate three pedals? I want to be able to scroll down, go to the next page, and then go back to the first page. I suppose I could simply add the song twice to my set list (can I do that?) and it will go to the first page a second time.

Is there a way to scroll up?

I'm waiting much on the 5 version.
I need it for my Airturn BT-105 4 pedal

When do you think it will come. I have seen somewhere here that it would come in 2013?

Best wishes
René Setling - Denmark

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