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Automatically mark end of score with color band (for sensible "da capo" handling)

Quote:you can use a setting that the last page can't be changed by pedal (you have to use the hand to switch to the next piece)

This may be so, but as I play a wind controller it is quite distracting to take the hands off its tube, even for returning "da capo". For this kind of playing foot pedals are much better to integrate, as the feet aren't needed for the actual playing. Wink 

And yes, the vertical scrolling mode is the one I use, as it is the only mode, IMHO, that allows for continuous previewing the next system(s) in the score. But you have to be very clear in this mode whether you need further (partial/overlapping) scroll movement by the pedal, or the complete exchange of the current page against the da capo one.

By studying the manual I found a replacement: the ordering of pages that allows a repetition of pages as a kind of implicit da capo resolution towards a strictly linearised flow.

Quote:But sometimes (using the white background) it isn't apparent where the next page begins and a marker would be of help to catch the page turn at the right time.

Experimenting with the background colour I staggered over the same problem. Because of that I certainly stay with the black background. But I'd suggest a less contrasting gray or coloured background (like sepia contrasting white, or similar) als choice alternatives beyond pure black / white.

Anyhow, I am still learning the potential as well as the ropes of MobSh ... Angel

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink

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