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Issue with touch detection - v2.7.0 (eink)
I've just updated to v2.7.0 on a Boox Max2 and MSP has started ignoring some screen finger touches. This seems to happen only after entering the annotation editor - after saving the edit, MSP returns to the display screen and then finger touches are ignored. Only stylus touches are recognised.

I see a note in the change log for 2.6.9 about fixing issues with touch detection which mentions turning off the OS touch detection. How do I do that? I have not previously had any problems with touch detection. 

By the way, the new tablet orientation icon in the quick action box is very useful, thanks! Would it be possible also to add a bookmarks icon to the quick action box?
I'll look into this right away. I'll release a version 2.7.1 to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

Long press the right icon in the quick action box. You can assign "Show Bookmarks" to that icon.

Super, many thanks Mike.

Re the quick action box, ideally I'd like to have access to both the setlist and the bookmarks list from here. Is it possible to have this more customisable? I never use the play or autoscroll icons...
That's on the list of things to do.
Thanks for the update! I will have a chance to fully test this later today.
I have also been having issues with touch detection since I started using MSPro a month ago. Regardless of what I was doing, my Max2 Pro E-ink screen becomes less and less sensitive to finger taps over time, especially near the edges of the screen, while the stylus always worked fine. Rebooting the device would always fix things, at least for a while.

Then I noticed that I could also always fix things by tapping the Hand Touch on/off toggle on the Notification Bar (between the Pageturn/volume and the A2 Mode on/off toggles), or even just touching the Notification Bar. (Yet another use for the new MSP Fullscreen toggle).

When I inquired at Onyx Boox tech support their suggestion was:

   "From the main screen go to the settings and choose "Restore to factory settings".  
    Untick the field "Erase internal storage" to avoid file deleting. Wait until the device
    reboots and check up the touch screen."

I'm quite reluctant to try this and risk losing my data and apps, as the Max manual says:

   "To run the function of factory reset removes all of the user data."

By the way, washing my hands or cleaning the screen do not seem to help. I was wondering how to clean the screen, but Onyx support didn't answer that question.

I just installed the MSP version 2.7.1 update. I'll see if that helps, though it might just be a firmware issue with OS touch detection.
Hi Mike, an update on 2.7.1: most of the time it is working perfectly. 

Just 3 or 4 times in the last few days I have experienced a problem where the overlay screen will appear unprompted (possibly triggered by a bluetooth pedal page turn?) and the touch detection is disabled. The screen only responds to stylus taps. Obviously this could be disastrous in live performance!

Let me know if there is anything I can help with to debug this.
When you say "the overlay screen", do you mean the annotations editor, or the song overlay that pops up over the score? The only thing that should ever impact the touch detection is the annotations editor. If you don't want the annotations editor to disable touch input, tap the circle at the top left and tap the option to "Enable touch in stylus mode". If that's not the issue, let me know.

No, I do mean the Overlay screen (song title at top, toolbar at bottom) not the Annotations editor.

(In the Annotations editor I have stylus mode enabled and touch input in stylus mode disabled in case this is relevant.)
That one I can't explain then. The song overlay doesn't impact touch detection in any way. If that just randomly happens while you are using the app, that seems much more like an OS/firmware issue. If you can find a way to reliably cause the problem to happen, I will certainly look into and get it fixed if possible. Otherwise I'll have no idea what to look at. If it happens while transitioning between the annotations editor and the main view, then that might explain something. Your pedal actions under Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions aren't set to "Annotate Song" are they? What about touch actions?

Thanks. No, my pedal actions are set just to turn pages! I'm working around this for now by disabling the overlay with performance mode, hopefully that should prevent the problem.

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