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Metronome won't toggle off with footswitch.
Thanks for the video. It seems to me like what's happening is the down arrow is being triggered multiple times in a row in MobileSheets, and it's causing the metronome to both stop and then restart immediately. At least that's the only thing that comes to mind based upon the video. If you go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions, what is your pedal debounce set to? It definitely should not be disabled. Since you have access to a keyboard on the laptop, do you get the same behavior when pressing the down arrow on that keyboard? The processing in MobileSheets is exactly the same regardless of whether it came from a pedal or keyboard.


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RE: Metronome won't toggle off with footswitch. - by Zubersoft - 08-23-2019, 04:49 PM

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