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Absolute Total Beginner Trying to Get Started

Try the following steps:

1) Load MobileSheetsPro on your Android tablet
2) Tap the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and then tap on "Connect to PC"
3) Load the companion application on your PC. You should see a popup indicating that the tablet wants to connect. If you do not see this, stop reading past this and let me know as it means you have a connection problem and I will have to provide suggestions for how to get past it. One thing you can try in that case is Connection->Manual Wifi Connect, type in the IP address shown on the Android device and then tap OK to connect.
4) Once you are successfully connected to the Android device, many things will be enabled and you can now manage your library and import files. Drag & drop your .pro file (or multiple .pro files) into the companion app window.
5) If you drag & drop one file, you will see the song editor pop up and you can add additional information for the new song. Tap OK in the dialog to create the song (the file will be sent over to the tablet along with the song information). If you drag & drop multiple files, a simplified import dialog is shown. You can add some metadata if desired, and then tap OK to import all of the files at once.
6) Disconnect the companion app from the tablet by tapping the disconnect button on the Android tablet
7) Go to the Songs tab and tap on one of the songs to load it
8) Tap the center to bring up the song overlay, tap the circle at the bottom left and then "Scroll Settings". Change the scroll behavior to "Scroll continuously to end of song". You can change the speed later to fit your needs
9) Tap OK to close the dialog, tap on the display mode icon to the left of the page scaling icon which has blue arrows in it
10) Change the default display mode dropdown to "Vertical Scrolling". This works much better with automatic scrolling than the default mode which turns pages horizontally.
11) To transpose, tap the notes icon at the top right. To edit the display settings for the text file, tap the "A" then tap on "Text display settings".

Let me know if that's enough to get you started.


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