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Copying annotation - pasted version is much larger
I just purchased MobileSheetsPro, and am copying single annotations.  Some have worked, but others, after copying them paste at a much larger size?

Can I prevent this, or resize the pasted image to get it to the original size?
If you paste an annotation on a page that is scaled the same amount as the source page containing the annotation, then the pasted annotation will be match the original annotation in size. Otherwise the annotation is being scaled to match the page that you are pasting it on. So if the first page is scaled down 20% let's say, but the page you pasted on is only scaled down 10% from the raw PDF page, then the annotation will appear a different size as my app is saving things in terms of how much the annotation is scaled up from the raw PDF page (so it's basically in terms of the raw PDF page along with a scaling factor). 

I'm not opposed to changing the behavior so that pasting an annotation will eliminate the scaling factor assigned from the copied annotation and will match the scaling factor of the page being pasted on. If the annotation was created on the same tablet you are pasting it on, then the size will be identical. If an annotation was created on one device with a different screen size and then you pasted it on a device with a different screen size, then the annotation wouldn't match. There are lots of combinations that can result in different sizes, but if you are working just with one tablet then it should be pretty straightforward. Annotation scaling is a complex subject because saving while saving annotation positions and sizes in raw PDF coordinates would solve some issues, it means that a size 10 line could look completely different on two different PDFs as their raw PDF pages are different sizes. Instead of taking that approach, I ensure that a size 10 line will look identical on every page you create it on, so long as it's all on the same device (copying/pasting breaks this though hence why I would need to change the behavior). 


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