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More automatic backups
I don't recall if I suggested it already. But I'd like to have the option to make more than one automatic backup copy of the database, preferably the amount configurable to the user.

It's coming from recurring problems opening the database on my 4 W10 devices. Since I haven't read about similar problems from other users in the forum I'm guessing it's caused by my unique way of synchronizing my database between the devices with resilio sync and using junctions.

But it occurs from time to time (on different devices) that MSP can't open neither the last database nor the automatic backup. I cant fathom the cause and so far could avoid a desastrous data loss by often backing up the database manually or restoring the most current from one of the other devices.

But I really like to have more automatic backups on the specific device for being able to restore a relatively current database in a performance situation etc. when database and the first backup fail again.

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