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More automatic backups
Would you want me to perform a daily backup of the database? Hourly? You said make it configurable, but I'm not sure if you mean the interval at which a backup is created or the number of backups to keep. That seems like it would have to be a separate setting. Then there is the issue of how often to clean up all those backups. I also only create backups when the app is first loaded right now, so if you want a background task to periodically create backups, that would require more changes and usually you want the database closed before generating a backup file, so I'd have to close/reopen it which could cause delays in the application if anything else accesses the database during the backup (which should only be a small pause unless your database is enormous). 

This really is a request that most users would not benefit from - the automatic database backups are only there for catastrophic data loss, which should almost never happen in regular usage. Your use of resilio sync and junctions must be related to this. It seems to me you could just use an external application to create periodic backups of the database file if needed. 


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