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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
Build 207 has been uploaded with the following fixes:

- Implemented a few power saving fixes if the tablet is put to sleep with the annotations editor up
- Fixed issues with the song overlay and next up song bar when switching to the annotations editor. The title bar is now always correctly hidden.
- Fixed bug caused by using the panning tool and then hitting the back button which would cause incorrect page layouts with the two page display mode (along with other touch detection problems)
- Added code to automatically scroll the page up if a text annotation is created or edited underneath the virtual keyboard when it is displayed.
- Fixed undo/redo issues with text annotations
- Fixed bugs that could be caused by automatic saves triggering and then using undo/redo.
- Changed behavior so that resizing an annotation will no longer resize every selected annotation at the same time. Only the item that is touched will be resized.
- Fixed issue with combining freeform annotations where drawing a line, then changing a tool setting such as color, would cause a discrepancy between what is shown while a finger/stylus is down and what the drawing ultimately looks like.
- Fixed issue with adding or editing text annotations and rotating the tablet in the middle of editing.
- Fixed bug that could cause some touch actions to be incorrectly ignored after reaching a certain state.
- Fixed bug with editing text annotation sizes
- Added +/- buttons to the edit popup
- Fixed bug with ellipse annotations that could MobileSheetsPro to crash
- Fixed toolbar so it correctly shows undo/redo state when first shown.
- Fixed bug with the radial menu being drawn off the screen on some devices when the annotations editor is shown for the first time.
- Fixed issue where some windows would not correctly detect that they are offscreen if they are shown then hidden, then the tablet is rotated and they are shown again.

Unrelated to the annotations functionality, I added the following fix:

- On certain devices, location services must be turned on to use bluetooth with the Connect Tablets or Library Sync features. MobileSheetsPro will now prompt the user to enable this if needed.

Thanks everyone for the bug reports and feedback!


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