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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
(I posted this one in the wrong thread. Sorry and thanks Geoff)

Hi, I don't have crashes and bugs to report yet. But my first impression: Impressive rework of the annotations. 

I have been mostly using the pen feature with an rectangle and white fills to edit out unwanted parts before. I couldn't find it at the expected position any more and think you moved that to the marker section where you can achieve the same effect with white and opacity at 100%.

It's your design decision, but since there might be more people looking for it make some "forms" like rectangle, circle etc. in the pen section, too?

Also, not on topic of the annotations rework per se, but since I had to cheat again the unnecessary "internal move of the files" of MSP when I want to use an already existing data directory. Installing the beta on my devices made me wish again for an option to skip this moving process. It's so much quicker to use the existing data directory with the sheets and just to replace the mobilesheets.db than to backup and restore a big directory with many sheets (even if I have still to restore the preferences by hand). 

Currently I always have to remember first to rename the existing data directory and make an empty data directory with the old name, only then change the dir in MSP, then copy the mobilesheets.db to its destination and then delete the new directory and replace it with the old one with the old name. (I'm writing this up as a reminder for myself and advice for users who want to avoid complete backup/restore for setting up new or alternative installations of MSP).

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