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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
I've updated recently and did another round of testing. Overall it's very stable, and I've had no crashes. But I did find more issues:

The pen is quite fast and and precise, but when I zoom in, it becomes very noticeable that it only draws additional points in the line after moving a certain distance, making it impossible to accurately draw any fine shapes. My use case is trying to write text on the page at about the same size as the printed lyrics , and the resulting text looks very poor. Maybe this threshold could become smaller related to the zoom amount.

I mentioned earlier a problem where the opacity of the highlighter tool doesn't seem to stick. I can set a new opacity, and when I start drawing, it seems to be correct, but when I move the stylus away, the line changes to the previous opacity. I still have this problem.

I think this might have already been decided, but I also find it odd that a diminuendo starts some distance to the left of where I start drawing. I think the starting point should be the left side of the shape.

When placing circles, touching the screen places the center, then you drag to make it bigger. But the circle only grows when dragging right/left, not up down. Not a big deal, but a bit surprising when it happens.

Right-click stylus button doesn't have the option to choose the select tool. Maybe this isn't feasbile, since you might have to switch to another tool after selecting something. But if you're looking for more efficient ways to implement selection, maybe this could be used. Though I would still rather have an undo action on my right-click button (even if it means holding the button and tapping to undo).

When using the tap delete tool, a highlight appears around objects as you delete them. The size of this highlight is inconsistent depending on the annotation being deleted and the size. Even stranger, it seems to grow over time, and after a few minutes I got it as large as about half of the entire page. This affects most tools, but not arrows or hairpins.

I find the changing icon for the Shapes tool, depending on what is selected, a bit confusing. It seems to be the only icon that changes depending on which tool is selected, even though you could maybe do the same for the eraser and stamps.

As a feature request, I would like to be able to change the size of my arrow heads. They get bigger with line thickness, but even the smallest head is too big for some places I would like to place arrows.

Overall though, it's working pretty well, and there was a lot of stuff fixed. Great work!

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