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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
If I add select as an option for the stylus button action, it won't reset back to the previous tool after you've selected something (otherwise it would just deselect what you selected). Is that what you would like? If you right click to select 
something, it then stays in selection mode, and you have to switch back to the previous tool once you are done? I'm fine with adding support for that if that behavior is acceptable. 

I've seen that highlight eraser issue before, and it happened because I didn't reset the highlight size correctly in between highlighting different annotations. I can't seem to reproduce it though. Can you focus in on one kind of annotation and let me know which one is responsible for making it grow? I'll try to test for it on my end as well. So far I didn't see it with new freeform, highlight, stamp, crescendo or decrescendo annotations.

I'll look at the circle issue.

The shapes icon lets you know which active shape is going to be applied when you draw. With the stamp tool, it already shows you what stamp is selected at the top level, so I'm not sure what you would want changed there. With the eraser, the other eraser modes don't really indicate that it is tied to erasing, so I think that would be more confusing than using the eraser icon for the tool, as that is what the tool is doing. The way the eraser behaves doesn't warrant changing the icon in my opinion, but I'm open to hearing more opinions. 

As far as resizable arrow heads, the logic for drawing the arrow is very complex and involves a lot of geometric calculations to define the border of the shape to be filled. As part of that, I determine the length of the lines from the tip of the arrow based on the length of the arrow to be drawn with a maximize size based on the thickness of the arrow. I'm not really sure how to make this configurable in a meaningful way. When you say you want the arrow head smaller, what exactly does that mean? Do you want the lines draw from the tip of the arrow to be shorter? Do you want the thickness of those lines smaller than the thickess of the main part of the arrow? Are you really looking for a different kind of arrowhead, such as a simple filled one? Consider these from the unicode set: https://unicode-table.com/en/sets/arrow-symbols/

Which one of those matches what you are looking for? Defining different options for how the arrow is drawn is something I can do, but it's not going to be something I'm going to do for the initial update. That would be something I would implement in the future, as this update is already far overdue, and I think that makes more sense as a feature enhancement after other higher priority stuff is addressed. You could always add an SVG file as a stamp for small arrows, or a bitmap of a small arrow if that works better for you.

I'm fixing a few more things, and I'll be pushing out another build that resolves the memory leak issues, issues with erasing, adds support for resizing stamps using selection circles to drag, and fixes for other reported crashes. 


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