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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
The smoothest way I can think to implement the select feature with the stylus button would be enter Select mode when you right-button tap on an annotation, and as stay in Select mode while the user is interacting with the selection (resizing, cut, copy, etc). Then click/tap anywhere else to resume the previous tool. If he wants to select something else, he would right-button tap again, so there's no need to stay in selection mode.

I've tried reproducing the eraser highlight growing, but now I can't get it to happen. I'll try later and let you know if I can get it to happen again.

Regarding the changing shapes icon, I can't think of any better ideas. It's useful to show which shape is active, but it's hard to discover that there are more shapes than just the default (square) one. But I don't know what you mean that stamp tool shows you what is selected. I see it in the wheel, but the icon on the top bar just shows the generic stamp icon, not the selected stamp.

For the arrows, it could definitely get silly to try to include every option and style of arrowheads (I've gotten lost in the settings for arrows in Inkscape). I think they work very well, and I appreciate the sophistication you put into them. For me, just being able to tweak the length of the lines coming from the tip of the leader would be good. Though I can see value in still keeping the relation to line width and leader length, so maybe just expose a scaling factor that multiplies the existing calculated length. 

Crazy idea: You could even combine the line and arrow tools, and just have a arrowhead length setting that can go to 0. 

Another idea relating to the hairpins: Why not allow them to be dragged either left-to-right or right-to-left? Most people (including me) would probably use them left to right, but it could be confusing if you try to drag backwards and nothing happens. Of course the starting location is currently on one side of the starting symbol, which is a bit odd if you drag backwards. Instead, it could appear centered on the location where you start dragging, and follow the midpoint of the dragged line until it reaches the minimum size where it starts growing. Another bonus is that this way if you place a minimum length hairpin by just tapping once, it's placed centred on the tap location, which is more intuitive than placing it to the right of the cursor.

Some new bugs:
- When entering edit mode, I can pan using a finger, or the stylus when in Pan mdoe. But after I change the zoom using two-finger pinch zoom, panning (with finger or Pan tool) doesn't work anymore. 
- When zoomed out completely, I can pan the screen up about half a page height, but not down. I'm not sure which of those is correct, but it's odd that it's different depending on direction.
- I can't seem to find any way to zoom, besides pinch. What do you do if it's not a touch screen?

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