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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
Just to note, many things are being raised because you seem interested in all suggestions, and going into extreme detail about them. But I understand that these are pretty nitpicky details, and are probably very low priority for development right now.

Arrowheads: A single scale factor sounds perfect, but it's understandable if it's not a priority.

Hairpins: I generally like the idea of combining them (just to save toolbar space), I can see that people might find it less intuitive to figure out. So I don't have a big preference either way and wouldn't try to make more work for you.

That's not what this suggestion was about, though. I was just noticing that they can only be dragged in one direction, and nothing happens backwards. Generally, having an action do nothing can be confusing, so allowing them to be created backwards would alleviate this. They would still create the same symbol (it wouldn't reverse), but you could start on either direction. This is quite a trivial addition, though.

Hairping centring: Again this is nitpicky, but since we're discussing it... The idea is that when you first click, the min-size is created centred on your pointer, but as you drag it past the minimum distance, it would slide so that the start and end points still correspond to exactly where you clicked and released. It's hard to describe, and don't know how to create an animation of this, but the process would be:
- Click down and min-size symbol appears centred on where you clicked
- Drag right, and while your dragging distance is less than the minimum width of the symbol, the symbol moves right so that it's halfway between the starting and current pointer location
- One you've dragged exactly the minimum width, the start and end points are exactly at the click location and current pointer location. 
- If you keep dragging, the symbol extends, still matching the start and end points.

Panning: Your explanation of why you can pan up but not down is fine. I don't see a problem with it, it was just unexpected.

Zooming without a tablet: I think using ctrl-mouse wheel is good enough, but it doesn't seem to work for me so I guess I'm seeing another bug.

Right-click select tool: I completely understand that it's not important enough to put major effort into right now.

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