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MobileSheetsPro and MobileSheets version 3.0.9 released
I'm confused - if you have the panning tool active, why can't you just pinch zoom in to max (if that's what you mean by 100%)? Or conversely, why can't you just pinch zoom out to eliminate the zoom? Trying to implement long touch detection with the panning tool seems like a bad idea to me, because a user may place their finger down and not immediately pan the page, and then if it just clears the zoom and panning instantly, they are not going to understand what happened. If there was a dedicated zoom tool, then I would not be opposed to supporting something like that.

Which tools are you switching between with the two finger tap? If you switch from the pan tool to the pen tool, that's going to disable touch input, so you can't then use a two finger touch to go back. There is nothing I can do about that due to the way the touch input is disabled (I'm requesting that the hardware ignore touch input versus a software implementation to do that which wouldn't work as well). Enable touch input if you need to rely on that functionality. If stylus mode is enabled and touch input is enabled, it should still ignore most touch input, especially from the side of a hand or a palm, as the touch area is large in that case and it makes it easier for me to detect. If you touch the screen with just a knuckle while writing, that's going to appear just like a finger, so that will probably cause the screen to start panning if the page is larger than the screen.


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