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Issues with cloud folder synchronization
We are a small band with 3 members. We all use Mobile Sheets Pro and like to share our songs. In general we all have exact the same data. Same database, same metadata and same songs. Most songs are written in chordpro but we have a few PDFs as well.

When it comes to synchronization we found many troubles with MobileSheets. We have tried all three Cloud providers (Google, Microsoft, Dropbox) and this is what we found:

If every band member creates its own account at the cloud provider, we tried to share some folder for synchronizing MobileSheet data. But that setup does not work. MobileSheets repors all kinds of errors when we try to do this. I think this has to do with access permissions with the shared folders. Only the owner of the folder can upload data. If the others try to upload data, then the files have some times a size of 0 bytes or MobileSheets shows error messages during upload. This is the same for all 3 cloud providers.

To come arround that problem, we now use only one account at dropbox. This is generally working but has a major drawback. MobileSheets needs to register the current device at dropbox. As this registration seems to be per device, it get invalid every time a different band member wants to synchronize. This means that we need to go to the settings and change the dropbox account again in order to get a new access key. Then we can start the synchronization. But this step must be repeated every time we want to synchronize. I think it would make sense to register not only the name "MobileSheets" at dropbox, but also the specific device. For example "MobileSheets on Samsung Tablet".
I'm really not sure what you are referring to with register devices with Dropbox. I'm currently using Dropbox's library to access their service, and the login process returns back something called an oauth2 token. This token allows for access to the account without having to enter the login information every time. The token has an expiration date though so eventually you still have to log back in at some point. I'm not aware of any per-device registration with Dropbox unless I'm missing something. Can you show me where you are seeing the per-device registration information in the account?

As far as the errors you are encountering while synchronizing, I'm not sure what is going on there as I'm not sure how you have set up the sharing perimssions for your folders. I have certainly tested synchronizing to a folder owned by a different user without errors, but I did not try uploading to that folder though, so that may be why I didn't see any issues. 

If you log in to your dropbox account, you can see the connected apps.
Unfortunately all instances of MobileSheets seem to refer to the same app connection. There should be a way to have multiple connections from different tablets.

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I can connect to my Dropbox account from multiple tablets without any issues. What kind of issue are you seeing? I've connected to my Dropbox account from my main Android tablet, Windows 10 tablet, my PC and several other Android  tablets all without any issues. They can all upload files to my Dropbox account as well. If every tablet you have is logging into Dropbox with the same account, I don't see why you would encounter any problems at all, as that is exactly what I'm doing. 

Please perform this quick test - long press a song on the library screen, tap Share->Export files, select Dropbox as the destination, and try to have each tablet upload a file to the Dropbox account. I want to know if this simple test fails for you.


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