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Copy Items from one layer to another
If you copy items in one layer and paste in another, you will certainly have copies of those annotations in both layers. If you used the "Cut" option, then the annotations should only show up in the active layer when pasted. If you are saying that pasting the annotations creates duplicates in the first layer, that would definitely be a problem, but I haven't seen that during my testing. As far as pasting, the annotations will be pasted based on the location of where you long press. This is so that, when pasting a single annotation, it will show up under your finger/stylus while pasting, which is what most users would expect. It gets a little more complicated with multiple selections, but the center point of all the selected annotations is calculated, and wherever you paste, the annotations will keep the same distance from that center point as before.

I'll see what I can do for only exporting the visible layers for the next update. I think that should be fine, because anyone who wants all layers exported can just make them all visible, but there is no way to exclude layers at the moment which is worse.


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RE: Copy Items from one layer to another - by Zubersoft - 09-24-2021, 07:46 AM

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