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what tablets are you running?
I use a Motorola Xoom too.

For page turning, I am going to make a pedal with 2 footswitches from an cheap USB keyboard. You can plug a USB keyboard into the Xoom, via the micro-usb connector, and it will work. All you have to do is wire 2 footswitches to the PageUp and PageDn buttons.
I am running the cheapest of the cheap Chinese tablet that I could find, because I wanted to try it out before going for anything more expensive. I can safely say that, despite the tablet being absolutely shockingly bad, the app runs very well and I've had no problems.

Playing outside is a no-go, though, unless you have a glare resistant screen protector. I've decided that I'm going to wait for the 10" Kindle to be released and go for that!
I'm using a Acer Iconia Tab A500. MobileSheets is running great for me and I'm also using the PageFlip. I'm experiencing an issue with Bluetooth randomly disconnecting, but I'm afraid its tablet related. I've had the pedal sitting on my keyboard less than three feet away, and it has still happened.

Glad to see the forum up here.
I am looking at the newer Acer Iconia A200 but I was waiting to see if an app like this existed. Based on comments here, this looks like the perfect app. I play lead/rhythm guitar and sing, and I'm tired of carrying around notebooks. So I guess I'll buy the tablet now and then buy this app. And thank for the advice on the footpedal for turning pages.
I have a Asus Prime but am looking for cheap tablet to stay with my gear. Used a cheap 7 Polaroid $100 tablet that is OK for lyrics and playing audio tracks. The trick with a small tablet is to mount it close to the Mike if you sing.
I have an acquaintance who co-founded a company that invented the GigEasy. It's a device that hold an iPad and attaches to the mike stand. I need to contact Brian and find out if it will work for the Acer tablet. By the way, I did get the tablet at Best Buy for a decent price and it's been a lot of fun so far. I'll know more when I get this app.
The GigEasy is a nice mount. Their web pages says models for Android Tablets are "Coming Soon". Ask him what models they are going to make stands for, and when they will be available. I've held off buying a stand for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 until I know what they are doing...
I'm currently using an Asus Transformer Prime, but I used a Moto Xoom before that. I just got an Airturn Bluetooth pedal so I'm getting used to that.

Glad to see the forum up!
~got the blues in my shoes~
I mostly hang out here.
I contacted The GigEasy and asked about Android Stands. This is the reply I received. Looks like they will have a "universal stand" this summer:

Hi Curtis.

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, it's looking like we won't have a finished product until the summer. Part of the hold-up is that we are trying to accommodate ALL mounts so it'll be a universal mounting solution. But we're still working out the kinks for the best design possible.

Please check back with us if you decide to hold off for another month or so on your purchase and/or sign up for our newsletter to keep informed of the latest developements.


Dawn Kramer
I used to own a Fujitsu Windows tablet in combination with MusicReader, but it was too heavy to keep lugging around and I wasn't going to shell out the big bucks for an iPad, so I got a Tom-Tec Ultimate10.
It's the same size as an iPad (I carry it around in an iPad 1-case), but was much cheaper.
It's actually a rebrand of the Newsmy K97 and it's running ICS.
I preferred the 4:3 aspect ratio, because it's closer to the A4-sheet music I primarily use.
How are your 16:10-screens holding up when using scanned sheets?

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