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Multi Select with Stylus?
So, today I wanted to edit a song's collection information and totally failed to get that song into editing modus, which I intuitively did by long pressing using the stylus (Surface Pro, 3 Iirr). At some point I edited the collection to add it.

By pure chance I noticed that long pressing is indeed the way to select a song, but it only seems to work using the finger.

Is that intended?
If so, are there more cases where I may have missed some functionality by trying with the stylus and not with my finger?

On my Surface Pro 4, I can long press with the stylus without any issues. I can't imagine why this would work any differently on the Surface Pro 3 if you are using the Surface Pen. 

I was actually mistaken, it's a SP5.

However, no matter how long i touch with my Stylus (not explicitely activated pen in settings, I think that only suppresses palm contact, right?), it doesn't select.
Did a bit more testing.

Bottom of the stylus worked fine, in the end I got the tip to work too, when i used the tablet on a table.
Extended touch with the tip seems to be more sensitive to movement of the stylus (naturally), but unfortunately that seems to end the long touch.

I could not multiselect with the tip on my note stand btw. While it dips only slightly under that bit of pressure, that seems to be enough to cause problems with this.

I also found that activating multi select with the stylus is more prone to instantly unselecting again when removing it. That never happened with the finger, but frequently with both ends of the stylus.
I don't really seem to have any issues whether my tablet is on a tablet or on a stand. How very strange that it behaves that differently for you and seems to be so sensitive to any movement. I am considering getting a newer Surface Pro model to test on at some point (as I'm using a Surface Pro 4), so I can see if there are any differences with this with newer models.


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