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Backup issues
I am attempting to backup my MB library using companion, which appears to be the only method since Android no longer allows files to be stored to an external source (ie USB stick or external HD). & yes, I am using the latest versions of MS & Companion.

I have got a good wi-fi signal on both my Android Hp21 tablet & the windows based laptop onto which I am attempting to store the backup file. However, each time I start the procedure, having gone through the initial procedure of connecting the tablet to companion, naming the backup file & starting the process, It gets so far & STOPS. I have left it running on several occasions but the backup does not start again & has to be cancelled. 

I have MS installed on 2 tablets & I get the same problem on both. I did eventually get a successful result on 1 after about 5 separate attempts.

What is wrong & is there any other way to effect a suitable backup?

Many thanks

That would indicate that you may be getting signal interference on your network which is causing an interruption in the connection when the backup file is being created. What kind of router are you using and are both devices on the same network/access point? Are you out of storage on the device? Otherwise you can create the backup file on the local storage and just transfer to the PC over USB if needed. You said you can't create a backup on a USB Stick - are you running into some kind of error with that? MobileSheets should still allow it, and you can use the system file browser if desired to write out the backup to the USB Stick (or external HD).

I recently installed a wi-fi expander in the room where both tablets are & connected both tablets to that same network.
I realised that the backup was stopping at the same point each time. I was able to identify the file that it was transferring & when I checked it out it would not open. Always loaded ok before but it appears that it had gone corrupt. So I deleted the file & tried the backup again, SUCCESS. 

As to backing up onto a USB stick. I have tried this option before but unsuccessfully with the error message attached. It would obviously be a lot easier to backup this way as opposed to across the network. |I don't understand the message in the attachment but I understood that Android (4.4.4) did not allow any external storage?

Thanks for your help
You are correct - if you have an Android 4.4 device, then the only location you can back up to on removable storage is /<path to removable storage>/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files. You could try creating that folder path to see if it works, but I can only say with confidence that this works on an SD card. I don't know if it works on a USB stick. 


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