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Sync with google drive and delete file

i'm trying to sync my mobile sheet library with google drive. I want mobile sheet to reflect exactly my drive content.
it works when adding files, but when i delete a file in google drive, and try to sync (with options : udpdate device or bidirectonnial sync, use directory content, delete files box checked,) the delete file is not anymore in my device, but the filename is still here. i just can't acces to the file (unable to find the file).

Is there a way to completely delete the file and the filename in my mobile sheet library with sync ?

2 other points :
  • for adding files, "update device" option don't work, just "bidirectional  sync" works.
  •  the reverse process do works  : delete a file in mobile sheet can actually delete a file in the google drive folder

Thx a lot,

Olivier Gailly

im using mobile sheet pro eink, mac, and boox tabX with android 11
Sorry I never responded to this post. You cannot achieve what you are asking for - you can't just delete files from Google Drive and then sync to the folder. The reason is that there is a database stored in the cloud folder, and that database still has a reference to the song tied to that file. So it will still try to sync that song even if the file is missing. I recognize that you are wanting more of a file-based sync, but that's not how the feature is implemented. In order to be able to synchronize all of the rest of the data properly, the two databases are synchronized, and files are created/deleted based on what is in those databases. So you need to do the deletion in your library on the tablet and sync that to the folder.


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