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confused about window size on macOS
Hi guys!

So, I got the new version, and right away I saw this bigger screen when running on my Mac, which is really cool. 

The thing is, as inferior as the small-screen experience was on macOS, my use on the Mac was only a staging area for eventually syncing to iPad where I do all my performing. So I do rely on "previewing" of things like crop and aspect ratio to know what things are going to look like after I'm on iPad. 

So zooming is great, but is there a way to preview the iPad aspect ratio on Mac? I can't seem to find a setting for it, and don't seem to have a way to adjust screen shape in general?

The next major update is going to add support for split-screen mode on iPadOS which also happens to let you resize the application window on macOS. So once I roll that out, you'll be able to shrink the window down to fit the aspect ratio of the iPad.

Okay buddy, thanks! All the progress is great!
I think I may have mentioned it elsewhere on the forum, but the split-screen mode requires that I support having the app function at 1/3 the width of a regular iPad. This is basically the width of an iPhone. So this means that in order to support split-screen mode, I also have to basically support an iPhone. I was planning on rolling out the iPhone version at a separate point, but due to this requirement, I'm having make changes across the entire application to allow every UI to not only be usable on a phone, but also respond to application window size changes so things dynamically respond to more or less space. It's going to be pretty involved, as some parts of the application expect a certain amount of screen space which I can no longer depend on.

Here's hoping that adding iOS support to the iPadOS version is less involved long-term than maintaining separate versions.
I'm not sure which release it was, but I noticed yesterday that I can now resize the window on macOS. 

I mentioned it in the release notes, but I accidentally enabled split screen mode when I pushed out version 3.8.10, which also enables window resizing on MacOS. It works perfectly fine on MacOS, so you should have all the benefits. When using split screen mode on iPadOS, there are still a number of issues if you shrink the window down to 1/3 size, because some screens and dialogs won't fit properly. I'm going to continue working on this over the next few weeks while simultaneously getting the iPhone version working, as the changes I'm making for 1/3 split screen mode are the same changes I was going to have to make for the iPhone anyways.


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