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manual setlist sort no longer working
Hi folks!

Prepping an upcoming gig, and I discovered that I cannot sort my setlist. Steps to reproduce:

1) enter a setlist
2) select Sort > Manual
3) select Edit
4) drag hamburger icon of a song up or down to change the order

Expected behavior: song should move to the new position in the setlist
Observed behavior: song snaps back to where it started

- I have tried this with at least 3 different setlists
- I tried restarting the app
- I tried rebooting the Mac (yes this is macOS, app version Version 3.8.12 (1))
- I tried switching to Alphabetical sort and then back to Manual
- I tried disabling Ascending

I'm not sure I can think of a workaround...

Thanks in advance!

I definitely can't reproduce this. Is this happening with every setlist you've tested with? Or is it only happening with those three specific setlists? There is a bug with the "Export Settings" option, otherwise I'd have you share the mcf file with me, but we can test that with version 3.8.13. Otherwise, I don't know how to reproduce this unless you want to share an entire library backup with me again. 

This may sound like a silly suggestion, but have you rebooted the device to ensure that has no impact?

Hey there!

1) Yes, I had already rebooted, but I just did it again
2) I just tried 2 more setlists, and so all 5 I have tried have failed
3) I'll email you a dropbox link to my full backup.

Curious what you find!

For the record, here's how this was resolved:

There is a Settings screen that looks like this:


My guess is that it is available for any iOS/iPadOS app that is running on an (Apple Silicon) Mac. It provides alternative ways to handle touch gestures, which you can't do on a Mac, using the Mac keyboard. 

I had the Touch Alternatives set to On, maybe because I thought it would be handle to be able to mimic those gestures while I work on my Mac, where is where I do most of my prep. But I found that by turning this OFF, the reordering feature worked fine. 

It doesn't seem that the two should conflict, but they apparently do. Meanwhile, I'm back up and running by leaving this off. Thanks!
This is definitely some kind of internal error in Apple's framework as their component (UITableView) stops working properly when that setting is turned on. There is nothing I can do to get around the problem unfortunately, as core features of their component just stop functioning properly. Great job on figuring this out - thanks!

Thanks, chief!

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