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MobileSheets v3.2 and MobileSheets Companion v1.3.0 Released
MobileSheets v3.2 and MobileSheets Companion v1.3.0 have been released, and this round of updates is filled with user interfaces fixes and options, along with a few important bug fixes. Check out the additions below:

MobileSheets v3.2
- Fixed crash with renaming custom genres.
- Fixed error with input number dialogs repeatedly popping up.
- Added new alternating row color setting for the library screen
- Added new simple button mode that shrinks the buttons at the bottom of the library to make more room
- Added new filter toggle on the library screen. While filters are hidden, the buttons at the top right are accessible through a popup window
- Added the ability to sort setlists alphabetically. This can also be made permanent by using a long press on the alpha button in the setlist editor
- Added additional information during batch imports, and better error reporting.
- Status log on the sync screen should no longer cause the application to slow down significantly when large amounts of text are added
- Fixed spacing issues with entries on library screen.
- Page slider preview window now correctly displays any song in a setlist, instead of only songs that have been loaded for buffering
- Setlist editor performance enhancements - adding/removing/moving songs in a setlist should no longer cause noticable pauses. Same fixes for collection editor.
- List position is now correctly restored when moving and removing songs in setlists and collections.
- PDF renderer bug fixes
- Added an additional help screen for the collection editor.

MobileSheets Companion v1.3.0
- Additional validation on song creation.
- When extracting titles from file names, numbers are no longer stripped from the end of PDF file names.
- Additional information while batch importing.

I tried to make most of the interface changes optional, but if any of you have opinions on the changes, please let me know.
This sounds great, well done again Mike!

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