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Set List Notes
Hi Mike

I've been looking at Song and Set List Notes as I have a gig coming up

It appears that setlist notes only appear in the setlist in which they have been created. This makes sense in that the notes would be created in the database against the owning setlist. Song notes appear in the database against the individual song. Song notes won't be displayed when the song is in a setlist so, as all my songs use set lists, I need to use setlist notes.

However this means that if I want notes for the same song in new set list then I'm going to need to create set list notes for a song that already has some in a different setlist. Previous notes are not easily reused (I first have to find a setlist that has the note, display, the file, display the overlay, open the dialog, copy the content, close the dialog, open the new set list, display the song, bring up the notes dialog and paste). Another alternative is that I paste the same content into both song and setlist bits - this would save me trying to find a useable setlist as I could access the data when the song was displayed outside a setlist

Is this correct?

What I was hoping for was the capability of setting up set list notes for songs and having them apply to all set lists in which the song existed (this be be an issue if different notes were need in set lists)

Coupled with this, I really only want these displayed when I'm doing a gig. I was hoping there was a setting so that could disable the display of all set list notes when that feature isn't wanted (I don't really want to have to turn on/off individually for each song in a set list)

If my assessment of how set lists works is correct, this means that notes aren't much use for me - I would be better off putting the notes for each song into it's own text or pdf file and adding them as separate entries in a setlist immediately before the song they correspond to. Doing this would mean that the notes are backed up as separate files (rather than being hidden/embedded in the database), easily reused in new setlists and obviously visible for removing. Against this, I've got the hassle of managing more files and having to specify/add 2 files for each song that needs a note (involving more clutter of the library screen although perhaps that can be mitigated by using a separate collection and/or filters).

While playing with set lists notes, I did encounter some anomalies e.g. notes for Galway Girl in one setlist appeared in a second list but not in a third (I suspect that the first set list was copied from the second one - would that make sense?).

I did have a couple of other issues creating notes but I can't reproduce them  - I'll update if I see them again  

Also the first letter on a line is not automatically capitalised when editing

Not urgent!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
MobileSheets should always default to the song notes and display those if no setlist notes have been specified for a song, but the song is set to display notes when loaded. That is how you would share the same notes across multiple setlists. I also want to add an option to display both song and setlist notes at the same time. However, I don't have an option to disable all song notes - that would be something that would need to be added. I'd also have to add an option to apply one song's setlist notes to all setlists.

The next update will let users add blank pages in PDFs, so you could always add a blank page at the start and put notes on that using annotations.

Let me know if you can reproduce any of those issues.

Thanks Mike
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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