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Newbie, can't find link points
I've read the manual, watched a YouTube (about an old version) , and searched this forum, still can't find the right button or menu to add link points for repeats. Otherwise I'm doing great with the program!
Load a score, tap the center of the screen to bring up the song overlay, tap the icon at the bottom right with a finger tapping a circle, and then tap the + icon to add a new link point. Let me know if you run into any issues finding this.

Hi Mike,

The "overlay" is the editing mode, right?, where from the radial menu, and from at the top of the screen, you access highlighter, stamps, etc.? There is nothing that comes up on the bottom of my screen when I open the overlay (and nothing at all happens when I tap the middle of the score). Nowhere do I find the finger-tapping icon, nor the plus symbol.
The image on p.67 of the manual... How to access?
Ha! Works only with finger, not stylus. Never tried that before, apparently. Thx for your help!
If you uncheck Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Enter Annotation Mode with Stylus Input, then you can use a stylus to bring up the song overlay. You will then have to manually enter the annotation mode by using a three finger tap or tapping the brush icon at the top left. You can change the touch actions if you want to trigger annotate mode in a different way though (such as tapping a corner or using a two finger tap).


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