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Keyboard support
Hi! I'm using this app with an external keyboard and noticed that there are very few commands.. I'd like more complet keyboard integration, or at least be able to use the pad arrows to move f.e. the pen,eraser etc.. when I'm writing a sheet. Thanks!
I haven't really focused on adding better keyboard support on Android as so few users utilize a keyboard in the Android version (I have more support for this in the Windows version). It's certainly something I can work on when I have time. I also plan on adding a screen for assigning key bindings to provide more shortcuts to things, so I can make sure this is added on all platforms. I also want to have shortcuts that work across the entire app for power users, but I need to make sure it's all fully documented.

I will wait impatiently! Thanks
This is exactly what I'm looking for.

Just as a datapoint for how it could be used... 

I've created a custom arduino foot controller which emulates a keyboard. If there were more fully featured keyboard support (on android) I would create a small macro pad to instantly go to the editing functions that I regularly use.  


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I don't know if you seek or accept help, but I am a computer programmer with decades of experience. I would volunteer my services to add features.
I definitely appreciate your offer to help, but I'd rather keep things simple at the moment so I can just focus on rolling out features as soon as I can, as there is always a ramp-up period and coordination required with multiple developers. I also haven't really had much success with any previous offers for development help in the past (almost every user that volunteered just stopped working without delivering a finished solution) so I'm a little tenuous about putting forth the effort for that now.


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