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Quickest way to sync two devices
Long time user of MSP here. I tend to do everything on one tablet (add/delete songs, make set lists and annotations), then sync with my backup tablet just before a gig. With over 7k songs, no matter how I do it, direct sync, sync to cloud and back, full backup/restore, it takes forever. I usually have to let it run overnight. My question is, since I usually only have a few minor changes between sync sessions, what’s the quickest way to sync, and what options should I use considering it’s always just one way? Are there any shortcuts to speed up the process? Should I consider multiple libraries to reduce the sync time?

What options do you currently have selected for the sync? If you use a direct sync between the two devices with the sync type set to "Update Client", for example, this should run fairly quickly. MobileSheets shouldn't have to calculate any file hashes with the latest updates (so make sure you are updated to version 3.8.17 if you are not currently), so it should just be some quick number comparisons and comparisons of all the metadata. If you are only wanting to sync new songs, you could change the merge behavior to "Only merge new songs and groups" which would speed it up considerably. If you don't need metadata, you could uncheck various options which would also speed it up a bit.

I don't know, whether this will work for you, but for the same reason (time) I synchronize using a tool called "FreeFileSync" to synchronize between two windows tablets.

I compare the two ...\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState folders with the filter set for mobilesheets.db.

Further I compare the files-folders without any filter.

Than I use the one-way-synchronize from the master to the slave-tablet.

This only takes about 40 seconds for a 4GB database.
Unfortunatelly this does not work between windows and android tablets.

HTH Paul
13" - Point of View POV_TAB-P1325, Android 4.1.1
13" - Point of View POV_TAB-I1345, Android 5.1.1
Microsoft Surface Pro 4; Windows 10
Phone: Motorola Moto G3, Android 6.0
Thanks to you both. I guess I wasn’t patient enough with Update Client before. So perhaps I was aborting too soon before. It seemed to hang for 5 minutes then finished in another minute. So direct sync, update client wins. I like the idea of the 3rd party tool as well, but I don’t know what would work for Android. In any case, I have a good solution now.
I also don't use the mobilesheets sync method. I've told msp I will manage my own storage and the use an app called syncthing to keep the folder synced between 3 android tablets, a mobile phone and 3 Linux and Windows based laptops. I make updates in any of them and they are automatically transferred to all the others in near real-time.... ie a couple of seconds. I know its not a good idea for database files but in the year I've been doing it never has an issue that closing and reopening MSP didn't resolve. As an added bonus you can tell syncthing to keep backups of the changed files so I keep the last 10 updates of everything for 1 year. Unfortunately syncthing doesn't work on ipads.

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