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Display of double landscape page
I have scans of sheet music consisting of two portrait-format real pages side-by-side on each landscape-format PDF page. I currently view these by rotating my device to landscape mode, which is not ideal, because of the turning and the being forced to view two pages simultaneously.
Is there a smart way to get this displayed "correctly" without manually fixing the PDF/rescanning? So to show the left half of a landscape page, then the right half of the same page, and then the left side of the next page? I tried out some settings but could not get this to work.
I'd have to see exactly what you are working with, but you can also use the page order feature to duplicate pages and crop each instance of the page differently. So you could display the top half of page, then the bottom half, by just duplicating the page and cropping each instance to the half you want to see.

Here is an example page. This is a single page of the PDF, containing two real-life pages side-by-side in a landscape-oriented page. I would like to view the pages one after the other while paging, instead of seeing both of them at the same time. Ideally, I would be able to do this without manually cropping each page.
I know that the inverse of this is already supported: for a portrait-format PDF, I can display first the top half and then the bottom half while using the device in landscape orientation. I am trying to do the opposite: for a landscape formatted PDF, display first the left-hand side and then the right-hand side while using the device in portrait orientation.
There is no way to do that without duplicating pages and cropping. Otherwise you need to split up the pages outside MobileSheets.

Mike, maybe you can provide some kind of autocrop macro that automatically duplicates the pages and automatically crops the left and right side for such two pages scan?
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If it's as simple as splitting every page at exactly the 50% mark, then yes, that's an enhancement option I could add at some point.

Thank you all for the quick replies! Splitting the pages outside Mobilesheets is not a huge issue for me, as far as I am concerned you do not need to spend time on providing such a macro. I just wanted to ensure this is not already supported and I somehow missed the setting.
Thanks for the suggestion. I know several PDF editing tools to accomplish that though and have used them in the past. But since my general policy is to leave scans unchanged I suggested the autoduplicatecrop macro.

Thank you for consideration. I think it's a useful thing to add to the crop options. But it can be very low priority if no other user are asking for it.

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