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Page turn issues with landscape mode
I play the French Horn in a large wind symphony. I dove into this software over a week ago and in general, I'm very impressed with it. I've learned a lot, but I'm having a few issues.

I need to use MobileSheets in landscape mode as my aging eyes are not quite good enough to accurately read music in portrait. The large S7 FE tablet I'm using is nice and clear but I need to work in landscape mode to to see well enough.

In landscape 1/2 page turns many times result in cutting into a stave and I need to reach out and do an adjustment. This is not always very easy. I found Mike's recommendation to use links and advance using my Donner pedals. In some long pieces, I bump into the 10-link limit. I could really use another 5 or 10. Is increasing this limit feasible?

If the landscape turns could be set to a percentage (say 33%), that would make everything easy. I'm sure this is a harder programming problem, but this would be my preference.

Is there another way to do this with the existing software? I've been searching the documentation and this forum but haven't found an answer.

Increasing the limit is on the list of things to do for the next major update. Having said that, if you duplicate pages with the page order feature, then you don't really need link points at all. As a suggestion, you may want to try switching to the vertical scrolling display mode with page scaling set to "Fit Width". Then each page turn will turn 33% of the screen, and you can use scroll actions to scroll a different amount per page turn if desired.

Thanks Mike, that did the trick. A lot easier than setting links. 


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