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Auto-capture images washed out in places
Thanks to the people who pointed me toward the auto-capture feature, it makes things so much easier.  

I am struggling with one issue with it and hoping someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.  When I use the camera (auto-capture or manual), the image quality is often not the same across the page with some areas of the image being very washed out or just poor quality.  It seems that the lighting levels might be causing this because I noticed if there was a shadow on the page that I didn't see until after I took the picture, the area that was not in the shadow is where it image is washed out.  I have experimented with no flash, with flash, and with extra lighting other than the flash and the best results tend to always be when the lighting is even (of course) but also much lower than I would expect.  Using Autocapture in a room with just normal lighting produces a washed-out and/or poor-quality image.  I have tried this with 2 different tablets and the camera on my PC and all do the same thing.  Is there a setting in MobileSheets I am not seeing that I should try to adjust?  Attached is one example that I had not deleted yet.     
You can try turning off the automatic capture setting at the top right of the screen while capturing an image. MobileSheets will then highlight the border of what it's detecting but won't automatically take the picture. This will give you time to really hold the tablet steady, then tap the shutter button at the bottom to capture the picture. See if this eliminates the problem. If so, it may have had more to do with the tablet being moved while the image was being captured. If that's not the problem, if you take a picture with the standard camera app, does it show up without the same problem?


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