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Replacing a page from a file keeping annotations
Is there any way to swap in a new page in a file without disrupting the other annotations in that file?

Example: right now I have a 17 page file and I've marked up the first 14 pages. At the end of the piece, the music goes into an inconvenient key for my instrument and I want to replace it with an enharmonic respelling. I have a PDF copy of the respelled section ready to go. If this were paper, I would either pull out the pages in sharps and replace them with the version in flats, or I would just tape the new version over the top of the old...

So far, the only way I know how to do this is to export the file as a PDF, transfer it to my computer, swap out the pages using a PDF reader/editor, and then import the changed file back into MobileSheets. BUT, when I do this, the previous annotations become fixed; in paper terms, they've become "ink" rather than "pencil". When I inevitably change my mind/find errors in my previous markings, I won't be able to erase them.

Is there any way to swap out a page without "inking in" my whole file's annotations?
Or, alternatively, is there a way to lift annotations out of one file and stick them into a new file? (In which case I could change the PDF and then import the annotations from my old version onto the new version; since the unswapped pages would be identical they would presumably all end up correct.)
Or, can I combine pages from multiple documents into one file? (Then I could make a Frankenstein part with the first 14 pages from version one and the last 3 from a new file.)

Hope that makes sense. In case it's important, I'm using MobileSheets on a Boox TabX.
Thanks in advance!
If you have annotations in your song, then you go to the "Rearrange pages" screen and you add new pages, MobileSheets will do its best to account for changes in the page order. It will adjust all the annotations so that the inserted pages should have no impact. Please give this a try as it should work for you so that you don't have to embed the annotations. If you need to know how to get to the rearrange pages screen, either go into the song editor, go to the files tab and tap the page order field, or load a song, bring up the overlay, tap the second icon at the bottom left and then "Rearrange pages".


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