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Version 5.0.0 in internal testing
Things have been quiet for the past couple months, as I have been finishing up the coding for version 5. Unfortunately, as I got closer to completion, I realized that there were a few things I hadn't fully thought out (a repeating theme), so there was more work than anticipated. All of the pieces for version 5.0.0 are now complete, but there is a lot of internal testing that has to be conducted before the update is ready for a beta release. Over the next couple weeks, I will be trying to iron out remaining bugs and get things as stable as possible for the beta. A lot of people have been kind and have volunteered to be testers, so I will be sending out emails in the near future for those who are interested.

Thanks everyone for your patience - this has been a long time in the making!

Oh dear Mike - now you've opened the floodgates Wink !

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I just keep hoping I haven't forgotten something important... I've had a lot of requests for features over the years and I've tried to catalog them, but it's hard to remember exactly what I promised to each and every person. I just hope everyone gets the features they need and have been waiting for. I don't want to disappoint people after this long of a wait! Smile

Great to hear. Looking forward to get email from you ;-)

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Hi Mike,

Sure hope I made it to the beta-testers list Smile

Anyway if possible, could you please make the Beta installable next to the current version so testers can switch back to it in case the beta crashes or something during performance?

Hi Mike,
I'm a guitar- and violinplayer in a worship rock band in Germany.
Nearly the complete band uses your app and we're all happy with it!
We're looking forward to the new version to get the possibility to send single songs from pad to pad.
I'm absolutely interested to test the beta version parallel to the actual version.

Be blessed, GeiGit
GOD bless you!
violin, guitar and voice at the CGS-Schwabbach
The beta is something you can install without affecting your existing installation. I'm going to try to get at least 50 people to beta test, so there is still plenty of room for people.

Hi Mike,

I've been using Mobilesheets for a little over a month playing big band charts in rehearsals and on gigs. Not having to deal with several hundred paper charts has been great. I have been looking forward to some of the new features in version 5 and would like to be considered for beta testing.

Thanks...... Greg
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Feel free to add me to the list of beta testers if you require more Mike.
Feel free to add me to the beta. Recently migrated from forscore
Using Tapatalk
I'd be interested in beta testing if you need more testers Mike.
Mike! Are you going to treat us with some sneak peeks screen shots of the new UI? ;-)
I have not been using your software long and I suppose I don't use a lot of it's features but if I can be of any use in testing your new version 5 please let me know.
Cheers, Bill
Hi, I can do some beta testing if you need it.
Thanks all, I really appreciate the support. I'll release more information on the beta as soon as I get a little further in the testing. I've found some bugs in the code that I'm currently working on fixing, so hopefully that won't take too long to address. I'll try to gather some screenshots of the new UIs soon. I'm hoping to have YouTube videos at some point too... I just wish there was more time for MobileSheets! Smile


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