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MobileSheets v3.7 and MobileSheets Companion v1.3.3 Released
With the release of v3.6, which included annotations, a lot of new functionality was introduced. Unfortunately, several bugs made it into the release which caused problems for many users. I have tried to address all of the issues that came up, and respond to most of the requests that were submitted through email and the forums. Thanks to everyone for your patience in getting these problems resolved, and for the feedback you’ve all provided. The product is going to keep getting better thanks to the ideas and suggestions you’ve all submitted. Now for the changes:

MobileSheets v3.7
- Fixed error with SlideME users where paid users were limited to 8 songs
- Added worship genre
- Fixed errors with backing up library to companion app
- Improved robustness of backup/restore. Songs with errors can be skipped now, and better error messages are displayed upon unrecoverable failures
- Fixed pedal scrolling so that it is smooth again. Also fixed error with scrolling up/previous page.
- Fixed visual metronome accuracy/redrawing
- Fixed scaling problems caused by creating annotations in landscape mode
- Fixed bug where multi-line text annotations would display all text on one line
- The last used annotation settings are now saved
- Fixed errors with half-page turns.
- Fixed problem with creating link points in landscape mode

Mobilesheets Companion v1.3.3
- Fixed crash during library backup
- Added additional protection against crashes while editing a song.
- Added support for new library backup format that can skip past errors
- Added worship genre
- Added new Files column for songs
- Added Convert PDF to Images option to File menu (no connection required)

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