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Moving PDF to SD without losing links and annotations
I tried to find this topic on the help, so forgive me if it's answered already. I am struggling with how to (1) change the default storage to SD permanently (2) move the PDFs that are on the Tablet to the file I have in SD with the other PDFs, and (3) not disturb the playlists and annotations and linked music files in them.


Background: I import new PDFs by
a) snapping them with Genius Scan on my Samsung S5. Great camera
b) emailing them to myself, so that I open Gmail on Samsung Tab4 7"
c) easy open the PDF since MobileSheets is an 'open with' option; it opens there and I save it
d) then I add in the MP3 file and save
e) then add the song to a playlist
Apparently, most of those PDF files end up in the Tablet memory not the SD Card.
MobileSheets, by default, copies files to its application storage directory. If you open a file in an email, MobileSheets has to copy it somewhere. If you want to specify a location on an external SD, you need to go into the settings, then go to Set Removable Storage Location, and pick a folder on that SD card. Then on the song editor screen, you need to tap the hammer & wrench icon and change the copy to location to "Removable Storage".

Things are a little bit simpler in MobileSheetsPro, and there is an option to switch the entire storage location over to a different folder, so you may want to wait for MS Pro before trying to fix files that have already been copied.

Thanks, Mike. First, I must say I'm a huge fan. I'm on the process of converting the guys in my Chorus to MobileSheets. I have the invite to the beta and installed and everything, but ran out of space on the Tab. That's when I looked at file structure more closely and found many songs all on Tab device memory. I did change the Removable Storage location as you mentioned and I get an error when trying to open the song after I save it. I needed to go back to Default location to keep it all working. Would it work to hold my backup file on Dropbox, delete MobileSheets and all the data, then restore? I would just want to restore to the SD, of course.
Yes, that would work just fine. It's my usual recommendation to people when they want to move their library to a different storage location, so you shouldn't run into any issues.

Confirming that this worked perfectly when restoring the backup to launch the beta for first time. Of course, before the restore, I set the beta default storage location to SD folder.

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