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Quick action bar idea
I am wondering why the Quick action bar is not more configurable. Perhaps there are plans for it in the future?

- any button could be configurable for any action in the list (icons made for each of the actions)
- not locked to 5 buttons—where if only 3 are needed, only 3 appear
- could its shape be changed, vertically, horizontally or as it is
- disappear quicker (a time value in Settings perhaps, or select from a few choices)
Part of it is the amount of time and effort it takes to make something completely dynamic in both size and functionality versus something whose behavior you can easily control and define. I tried to think about what actions would really need to be on the quick action bar that couldn't already be triggered through touch actions (corners, tops, bottom), and I really couldn't think of a whole lot beyond what I already provided. Having quick access to the metronome, audio player, and auto-scrolling is still important while performance mode is enabled. If people really like the quick action bar and want it to be more configurable, I can certainly dedicate time to this, but I would need to hear enough feedback for it to be worth the effort.

If you are wondering why I couldn't just change it to at least make all of the buttons configurable, the reason is that the long press is essential for changing the settings of the various controls, otherwise this can't be done without a whole lot of taps (including having to disable performance mode if it is on). If I didn't use long press to configure the button actions, then I would need a separate dialog or screen dedicated to configuring the quick action bar, which just means more work (hence why I need buy-in on what users really want and need).

OK thanks for the explanation.
I was looking at it and decided I needed bookmarks (but then cannot have annotations) and did not need Metronome nor automatic scrolling. Also I find it blocks the last few bars (sometimes that is how I know what key it is in if it is just chords) until it disappears. And it would be smaller if someone has less buttons needed.
You can edit annotations by doing a three-finger tap. It's by far the fastest way to enter and exit the annotations editor.
The quick action bar is great, especially because it is quickly available in performance mode. But I'd like to configure its buttons to the functions that I need most on stage. I rather never will use the metronome or the audio player...
As this is a very individual thing, it would be great if all buttons of the quick action bar were configurable like the one on the right is today (long press and select from a list). When it's re-configured the icon of the current function should be shown.
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First of all, congratulations on the release of Mobilesheets Pro! I have used the regular version for about a year, and - though I haven't taken part in the Beta testing myself, I have been following its development eagerly and visited the forum about a dozen times a week for the last four months. The Pro version is everything I hoped for and more, and it's a real pleasure to finally be able to use the Pro version that I've read so much about!

Now, regarding the quick action bar..
I understand its intention, as a quick way to access the metronome and other "crucial" functions when performance mode is enabled. Still, as a classical pianist, I've never been in a situation where I need a metronome or audio player during a performance. There might be situations where I'd be happy to use it, but still, I'd love the option to disable it and, as the OP suggested, make it more configurable (particularly to set the number of seconds before it disappears). I have already accidentally hit the bottom corner several times, when I really meant to turn a page, and wishing it would disappear again quicker, as it does indeed hide the last few bars of the page..
I'm starting to write up bugs and feature requests over at the bugzilla site (www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/issues). I have written up a feature request to make the action bar more configurable. I'll try to work this into one of the next updates.

Thank you for accommodating our ideas. As soon as you have time to work on this will be fine but I know you are still fixing bugs and have other features to implement.
Sometimes when I touch the Filter button on the Quick action bar it triggers the song listed below the bar instead. Is the bar configured as best as it can be?
Otherwise I guess it is just getting used to how to tap it.
I assume you mean the little floating toolbar at the bottom right of the library screen. Touch events are currently passing through it, which is bad. I have this fixed for the next update - thanks.
sorry, yes the floating toolbar (I forgot the terminology). Thanks.

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