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Exclude audio from backups?
Hi Mike,

I have a question and a request:
Question: When creating a backup from the app, what does the option to not include PDF/Audio/Images actually do? It sounds like it would create a database with all the songs but no images in it?

The request: now that my database size is over 500mb, I would really like to be able to create a backup without including the audio files. I like to distribute my backups to others in my section but don't want to include all my audio, and the large file size makes my upload to Dropbox slooow!

Many thanks,
Hi Mike, just wondering whether you missed this request?

Cheers, Chris
I must have missed it. Sorry about that. If you check the option to not include PDF/images, etc, your backup will contain just the database piece. Now that I'm adding the ability to export the database, I'm probably going to remove that option. Having said that, I will be happy to add an option to not export audio files. Others who import your library would get audio file load errors for every song though, as the backup wouldn't strip the audio files from the database before backing up. I would have add some code to make that happen. I would essentially have to make a copy of the database before the backup proceeds, strip all the audio files from this backup, and package the copy instead of the real one. Is this what you are looking for?
Yeah, unfortunately it sounds like more work than I was hoping it might be. You got it, I wanted to essentially strip out all of the audio (files and links to them and everything) from the database and back up that. I'm looking to reduce my file size a bit to ease distribution of the backup to the rest of my section.

Is it necessary to copy all of the audio into the database if you're linking from a directory on the tablet? Seems like that would double the amount of space required on the tablet. Obviously I realise you need to copy them if you've linked from the PC.
I'm not copying the audio into the database - I'm just copying the paths to the audio files. So I just need to strip the audio file paths from each song in the database.
But when I give my backup to somebody else they have all my audio files, so how is that possible if the audio isn't in the database?
Sorry, I think we are confusing terminology here. A backup file (.msb) contains one database file (mobilesheets.db) as well as all of the images/pdfs/audio files. I have to strip the audio information out of the database file (mobilesheets.db), and also exclude the audio files.
Got it, sorry for the confusion! You know what I mean anyway. Smile

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